These are tried and tested suppliers who have proved to be very reliable and supportive to TEAMS

Mike Wye and Associates -
Kreidezeit Stand Oil paints - natural linseed oil based
Also a variety of lime products including Kreidezeit lime paint - gives excellent results in only 2 coats and is a very effective version of traditional limewash.

Hot tar substitute - Koppers Special Pitch #5
This is a tar in Xylene which is easily applied using mini rollers, gives good coverage and lasts well - but very messy!
Contact Richard John:

R K & J Jones Limited,
Good for wood coverage and general purposes but their “brushing tar” is no substitute for real tar

Stainless Steel:

Anglia Stainless Ltd -

Crane Hire:
Welch’s Crane Hire -
Darren is the operator for mills

Cherry Pickers:
Height for Hire -
17m self propelled teleboom


Ridgeons -

John H Rundle, Boston, Lincs -
Cranks, Gudgeons and thimbles

Cushions Timber Yard -

Halls Builders Merchants - Acle -

Norfolk Marine Chandlers - Wroxham -